River Road Jacket

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River Road Jacket

This is probably one of the best quality jackets in its price range made. Or perhaps, was made, as River Road no longer seems to manufacture this particular model, the Anvil, but it is typical of several jackets in the River Road range, and emblematic of the brands build quality and features.

River Road Moto

Side view of this robust jacket

This is a heavily perforated (all thru the torso) heavy, almost old-school, jacket. There is thick padding in the arms, but it isn’t noticeable to an casual observer. It comes with a substantial liner, which means, off the bike, it is quite warm and comfortable, though on the bike, it’s having a thermodynamic tussle with the perforated torso.

The fit is loose, very American. Sleeves are cut long, and rotated forward, so it functions well in the cafe racer crouch. The cuff snap and zip. The zippers and snaps are heavy, well-made. The collar is very comfortable, with no edges to snag in a beard or abrade the neck. The waist is adjustable, but not tightly so. The waist is heavy, and does not ride up, on or off the bike.

This jacket is very close to the perfect jacket. It’s a bit too heavy  for the hottest weather, despite the perforations. In fact, it is pretty close to unique. Most perforated jackets are cut much closer, with European or a race fit. Even the most street oriented Vansons with perforations are a tighter cut. This is much more of a cruiser style, with a sportbike versatility.

It’s a jacket that won’t get you stares in most environs. It does not necessary shout biker. But for a jacket without obtrusive armor or a back protector, crashworthiness is apparent. It’s solid, all-around.


Protection (estimated, not tested) ★★★

Three season★★★

Versatile appearance★★★★


this shot is with fairly thick fleece vest underneath, the jacket generally a more flattering cut– note the reflective piping shows up in this shot with flash. It’s normally not obtrusive.

Fit (on the bike)★★★

Value ★★★